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We represent people who are injured as a result of the negligence of others. Regardless of who harmed you, or exactly what occurred that resulted in the harm, we will fight to make sure you receive fair compensation. Full compensation typically includes payment for your medical bills, for lost wages as a direct result of the injury, as well as for your pain and suffering.

Dealing with insurance companies and legal procedures—in addition to coping with your injuries—can be overwhelming. Without the proper legal counsel, you may be persuaded to take a settlement that is less than fair. We will give you sound guidance every step of the way so that you can feel confident about every choice. Let us take care of the legal battle, so you can focus on healing.

Our attorneys are respected members of the legal community and you will benefit from our reputation and experience in the courtroom, and appreciate our compassion in the office. Call us now for a free consultation.

Injured In A Car Accident? How To File A Personal Injury Claim

Car accidents

There are many factors involved in an automobile accident that can make a case complicated, from intoxicated drivers to uninsured or under-insured motorists to poor road conditions. If police do not file investigate and file a report on a collision, the people involved must file a collision report. Information from a collision report is added to all parties’ driving records, but they do not indicate who was at fault.

You may be entitled to compensation if you were injured, either physically or mentally, in an accident. An experienced attorney may be able to get your settlement increased to more than what the at-fault insurance company is offering, depending on your situation. You need to know the extent of your right to be paid for injuries that are the fault of another driver. We will make sure you are treated fairly and get your due compensation.

Truck accidents

Accidents involving trucks or large vehicles often mean significant damage to personal property and to the motorists involved. There are many nuances involved in this type of case, such as whether a truck is a commercial or private or government vehicle. It’s crucial to have an experienced attorney on your side following any type of vehicle accident, and especially trucks. Finding an attorney who emphasizes in tort law will help you get your fair compensation.

Daryl Graves Law has worked on vehicle accident cases for over 35 years and we will help you understand your rights. Let us be your advocate! Most importantly, we understand that this can be a challenging time if you or a love one was seriously injured and we will be compassionate every step of the way.

Motorcycle accidents

Motorists must share the road with motorcyclists and, in turn, motorcyclists must constantly be making sure that motorists are aware of their presence on the road. While many things contribute to an accident, they frequently happen when one of the parties involved is either not paying attention or not making their presence known.

Accidents involving motorcycles often result in injury, or even death. It can be a stressful and challenging time for all parties involved and you need representation who understands what you are dealing with. We pride ourselves on being compassionate to our clients, no matter the circumstances. Our job is to reduce your stress and fear by explaining the law clearly and outlining your best options.

Bus accidents

An accident involving a bus will likely mean you will be dealing with a government agency or a self-insured private corporation, as buses are often the property of a state or county transportation agency. Bus accidents can involve various types of vehicles and include school bus accidents, transit bus accidents, tour bus accidents, passenger van accidents, and charter bus accidents.

Most buses do not have seat belts, as they are exempt from seat belt regulations, and so accidents with buses result in more severe injuries. There can be a higher fatality rate and a higher incidence of head trauma. Many bus accidents occur as a result of driver negligence and if you are victim of negligent driving, you should be fairly compensated for your injuries. We will make sure your rights are not violated and you received a fair settlement.

Bicycle accidents

These types of accidents occur when a cyclist is hit by a car, truck, motorcycle, or another cyclist, and when a cyclist is injured as a result of an obstruction in the road. Bicycle accidents can be a very traumatic experience for all parties involved as it often results in greater injury than an accident involving two motor vehicles.

It is important to have an attorney represent you who will be tactful and compassionate about your situation and we at Daryl Graves Law pride ourselves on this front. Our attorneys are respected members of the Washington legal community—you will benefit from our reputation in the courtroom and enjoy our empathy in the office.

Pedestrian accidents

In most cases, such as for crosswalks and sidewalks, both vehicle drivers and cyclists must yield to pedestrians. Even though the law appears to favor pedestrians in an accident, there are exceptions. Your first step is to file a police report after the accident, of course, after seeking medical attention. Regardless of which side of the accident you are on, it’s important to then call an attorney who has dealt with pedestrian accident cases in the past.

We at the Law Offices of Daryl L. Graves understand the nuances of the law and we will help you understand your rights and options. Don’t let confusion and stress prevent you from getting what you deserve. Our office will assess all medical bills, injuries, suffering, and lost income as a result of the accident. Let us fight the legal battle for you, so you can get back to living your life.

Boating accidents

As with any accident, there are many things that can happen in a boating accident, such as injury, loss of life, and property damage. It’s important to properly document the incident (file a Washington Boat Accident Report and a report for the city or county agency that has authority where the accident occurred) when there is loss of life, injury beyond first aid, disappearance of a person, or property damage greater than $2,000.

Then seek legal counsel immediately, as you would with any type of vehicle accident. The laws concerning boats will be different than those concerning motor vehicles on land and an experienced attorney can explain your rights and outline your best options.

Bar / Restaurant liability

Whether your establishment is a bar or restaurant, there are many legal risks involved. For example, if a server or bartender serves a customer too much alcohol, they may be partially liable if that customer is subsequently involved in a vehicle accident. It’s important to seek counsel as soon as possible, from both a legal and a public relations perspective.

Our attorneys can explain the nuances of the law and what the best course of action is to get the most favorable outcome. Don’t wait to call us—the sooner when get involved, the better the outcome will be.

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