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If you receive a traffic ticket in Washington State – for example, if you are pulled over by an officer and given a speeding ticket, it’s important to know all your options before taking action. Your first option is to simply pay the fine on your ticket and allow the infraction to go on your record and the information to go to your insurance company, which will increase your insurance premiums.

Challenging the Validity of a Ticket

You have two other options where the potential outcome could be no points on your record, and no fines. Our law office can help you achieve the best outcome possible for your situation through a contested hearing.  A contested hearing is when you challenge the validity of the ticket.

Don’t hire anyone less than the best to represent you. Our staff has extensive experience with criminal law and will scour all available data—everything from analyzing the police report to researching the accuracy of the radar or laser used. We have decades of experience working on traffic offenses and know how to get you the best results.

Your Legal Options for a Traffic Infraction in WA State

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