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Defending Against Violence is Not a Crime

The anger, fear, and frustration of having to deal with criminal charges when you were only acting in self-defense can be overwhelming. When a justifiable, lawful use of force is accused of being a crime, you can feel dehumanized and unjustified. Thankfully, Washington has implemented Stand Your Ground laws that allow for self-defense. These laws can be used to establish a case against certain violent crime charges.

If you’ve been charged with a crime, especially a serious crime such as homicide or other violent crime, you will need to retain a defense attorney as soon as possible. For assistance in Washington, consider Daryl Graves Law, PLLC as your legal representation.

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Use of Force Laws

In Washington, certain circumstances permit the use of force against someone, including in situations of self-defense.

According to RCW 9A.16.020, you can use force in the following situations:

  • When someone is getting ready to injure you – or when you believe they are
  • To prevent a malicious trespass or “other malicious interference with real or personal property”
  • To detain someone who wrongfully came on your property
  • To protect a mentally handicapped person from hurting others

Self-Defense & Stand Your Ground Laws

Washington’s Stand Your Ground laws provide solid protection against harm and liability for law-abiding citizens. If you are being attacked, or think you’re about to be attacked, you have the legal authority to protect yourself. Also, while some states require that you retreat if you think you’re about to be harmed, Washington doesn’t mandate retreat. If someone maliciously approaches you or your home, you do not have to try to escape first. You can stand your ground and defend yourself, your family and your home. If you injure or kill the attacker and are arrested, you can use self-defense as your defense.

To be entitled to use self-defense as justification for your actions, the force you used must be reasonable not more than necessary. You must also not have been committing a crime when you were attacked, and the incident must have occurred on premises where you were legally entitled to be.

Successful Self-Defense Cases

When you are charged with a crime, it’s the State of Washington that’s prosecuting you, e.g., You vs. State of Washington. As such, if you and your attorney present a solid case, and the court finds you not guilty because you acted in self-defense, your case will be dismissed and the state will reimburse you for all reasonable costs, including your loss of time, legal fees and other expenses involved in your defense, as provided by RCW 9A.16.110(2).

Speaking to a Self-Defense Law Attorney in Washington

Self-defense is a viable affirmative defense against numerous charges including assault, disorderly conduct, harassment, and murder. Our firm handles all types of criminal cases, including even the most serious. We are fully versed in all aspects of the Washington criminal justice system and know how to craft a sound case based upon self-defense.

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