Our Team of Criminal Defense Lawyers can be your Pre-Charging Representation

It’s important to seek counsel as soon as any legal accusations are made by law enforcement. Having an experienced lawyer represent you during the investigation stage can save you time and money, and even allow you to settle outside of court. Without an attorney, you risk unintentional self-incrimination because you likely do not understand the laws and your rights completely. An experienced attorney will guide you through the pre-charge negotiations so that you avoid any mistakes.

Further, our office can conduct our own investigation while the police are conducting their investigation. The information gathered in this period is critical to the outcome of your case as the police are often not motivated to do a thorough job on their investigation. Keep in mind that the police are not being paid to prove your innocence.  They gather evidence as and provide it to the prosecution for charging someone with the crime.

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Pre-Charging Representation

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