The Juvenile Justice System

The rules of the Juvenile Justice System are different from the Adult Criminal Justice System, and our staff will make sure you understand how your child will be treated. The primary objective of the Juvenile Justice System is rehabilitation, as opposed to focusing on deterring crime and punishing the offender. For certain offenses, and when the juvenile is sixteen or seventeen years old, the court may transfer the case to adult court, where the punishment will likely be harsher.

We understand that this can be a stressful time for the juveniles and families involved, so it’s important to get expert guidance from a law office that will treat you with compassion at every step. Our attorneys are experienced in many branches of criminal defense law, and we will fight for your child’s future—because we CARE. Call us now to get started on resolving your case.

We Represent Minors Charged with a Crime

If you are a parent or guardian looking for an attorney to defend your child from pending charges or mitigate the long-term impact of any determination, we can help you. A good attorney can explain which crimes could stay on your child’s record and help you clear or close their juvenile record before they reach adulthood. An experienced juvenile lawyer, like Daryl Graves, can sometimes even prevent their case from going to court.

Tacoma Juvenile Defense

Client Testimonial:

Daryl represented my son in a very serious case.

“Daryl Graves and staff fight for your rights. Daryl represented my son in a very serious case. I was lucky he was the kind of lawyer that spent many hours researching the facts, finding the best route for us to go legally and providing a defense that fairly represented the actual facts. He and his staff are available, prompt to meetings and court dates and definitely the person who will give you an honest, direct, informed answer. He is the person you want to choose as your lawyer because you can trust him. Daryl is the best lawyer I have ever met. I will refer him to everyone who needs a lawyer.”

–Satisfied Client

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