Armed Robbery Charges and Laws in Washington State

In the state of Washington, armed robbery is robbery in the first degree and is labeled as a class A felony, as per RCW 9A.56.200. Penalties depend upon several mitigating factors, including the severity of the criminal actions and the existence of any weapon enhancements. If convicted, the defendant will face jail time and large fines.

Defining Robbery

RWC 9A.56.190 explains that a person commits robbery when he or she “unlawfully takes personal property from the person of another or in his or her presence against his or her will by the use or threatened use of immediate force, violence, or fear of injury to that person or his or her property or the person or property of anyone.”

The crime is considered robbery in the first degree, when the person:

  • is armed with a deadly weapon;
  • “displays what appears to be a firearm or other deadly weapon”;
  • inflicts bodily injury; or
  • commits the robbery against a financial institution.

Elements of Proving Robbery in the First Degree

In order to be convicted of robbery in the first degree, the prosecution will have to prove that you:

  • took something that belonged to a person (unlike theft, which could involve just taking something from a store);
  • carried the property away;
  • intended to permanently deprive the victim of the property;
  • used force or fear to retain the property; and
  • used, or made it appear as you were using, a deadly weapon.

The prosecution’s case must be strong enough to convince a judge or jury that the above elements are true beyond a reasonable doubt. If the jury has a degree of doubt, they must acquit you.

Armed Robbery Means Stiff Penalties

In Washington, punishment for a class A violent felony such as armed robbery varies according to the accused’s past criminal record. If it’s a first time offense and the defendant has no other criminal history, the judge might order a 31- to 41-month sentence.  Repeat offenders could get 15 years in prison. Fines can range up to $50,000.

If the prosecution decides to pursue a weapon enhancement, you could face an additional five years imprisonment. And, because robbery in the first degree counts as a strike in Washington State’s three strike law, if it’s your third strike, you could face life imprisonment.

Challenging Robbery Charges

Given the gravity of the potential penalties you face if convicted, it’s essential to hire an attorney familiar with criminal cases of this nature. Your attorney can work to challenge the prosecution’s evidence.

Defense strategies may include:

  • filing motions to suppress identification evidence;
  • challenging evidence regarding weapons if law enforcement failed to follow protocol;
  • filing discovery motions;
  • arguing the reliability of video footage based on its poor quality;
  • arguing that confessions were obtained due to coercion; and
  • challenging the prosecution’s witnesses’ testimonies.

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