Woman Crashes in Seattle After St. Patrick’s Day 100 MPH Chase on I-5

According to Komo News, a young woman suspected of driving drunk crashed her car in a Seattle neighborhood early Friday after leading a state trooper on a chase up Interstate 5 at speeds over 100 mph, the Washington State Patrol reports. The woman sustained minor injuries in the crash.

The incident began at around 3:30 a.m. when the woman passed a state trooper on northbound I-5, going about 90 mph.

The trooper flipped on his flashing lights to stop her, but she just kept going – at one point reaching speeds over 100 mph – before taking the exit ramp to NE 65th Street.

The trooper then shut off his emergency lights and ended the pursuit – but still followed her as she drove through the Ravenna area. The woman eventually lost control of her car and slammed into another car parked alongside the street, coming to rest on top of it.

The woman, reported to be in her 20s, showed signs of impairment and suffered only minor injuries.

The State Patrol reports that she was one of many suspected DUI cases Thursday night as drivers got behind the wheel after celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with too much alcohol.

Every trooper on duty in the Seattle area dealt with at least one DUI driver and some had two, the State Patrol said.

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