Puyallup Woman Dies After Being Thrown Off Car Driven by Daughter

According to The Olympian, a 62-year-old Puyallup woman has died after being thrown off a car driven by her mentally ill daughter.

The incident began June 29th when the Puyallup woman called 911 and asked for help with her 25-year-old daughter. She told dispatchers she was going to sit on her daughter’s car in Edgewood to keep her from leaving.

As Pierce County sheriff’s deputies arrived in the area, they saw her daughter sitting on the hood of a car outside a store and talking to the driver.

“The vehicle was driving really slowly at first and then jolted and the woman flew up in the air, flipped over forward and landed face down on the pavement,” according to court documents.

The daughter drove off but was stopped nearby by a deputy who followed her. Her mother was taken to Tacoma General Hospital with a serious head injury and died the next day.

Prosecutors charged the daughter with second-degree assault, failure to remain at an injury accident and failure to obey an officer. Charges have not yet been amended. A competency hearing for her is scheduled July 14.

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