Seattle Ride the Duck Boat Involved in Fatal Accident Had Sheared Axle

According to CNN, federal investigators discovered Saturday that the amphibious tour vehicle that collided with a bus on a Seattle bridge has an axle that has been sheared off.

Four international students from North Seattle College were killed and about 50 other people were injured in Thursday’s crash.

Fifteen patients remain at Harborview Medical Center, a nursing supervisor stated. Five people are in critical condition and 10 are described as stable.

“It felt like we lost control, and I looked up and saw the bus headed toward us,” duck boat passenger Katie Moody told KOMO News while in her bed at the hospital on Friday. She suffered from a broken collarbone.

The accident occurred as the duck boat, with more than 30 tourists aboard, crossed the six-lane Aurora bridge. The bus was carrying 45 new international students and school employees on an outing to see sites in Seattle.

North Seattle College’s President Dr. Warren Brown stated that the international students had come to Seattle to improve their lives by seeking higher education and it’s “absolutely devastating” that Thursday’s events will keep them from fulfilling that dream. North Seattle College has more than 1,000 international students from more than 50 countries.

The duck boat tour operator issued a statement, “Ride the Ducks of Seattle wishes to express its sincerest condolences to the family and friends of the people who were killed and those that were injured,” it said.

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