Tweens Who Think Marijuana is Cool More Likely to Drink and Drive Later

According to CBS Seattle, attitudes towards marijuana in middle school can have a profound affect on students when they reach high school.

Researchers have found a correlation between positive views of marijuana at an earlier age and intoxicated driving by high school students. They asked over 1,000 Southern California middle school students about their use of alcohol and marijuana and how they perceived drugs. Questions asked whether they thought marijuana was relaxing, dangerous, etc.

The students were surveyed about their attitudes towards marijuana when they were 12, 14, and again at 16.

The students who had positive views about marijuana at 12 were 63 percent more likely to say they had than those who reported more negative views of the drug.

“It is crucial to intervene early to help prevent DUI or riding with a drinking driver in high school,” explained lead researcher Brett Ewing, a statistical project associate at RAND Corp in Santa Monica, California.

The findings show the importance of educating children about drugs and alcohol at a younger age, say the scientists.

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