Caitlyn Jenner Facing Higher Damages Over Car Crash

According to Komo News, the stepchildren of the motorist killed in a car accident involved retired Olympian Caitlyn Jenner filed legal papers asking for more damages.

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The reality TV star, who previously went by the name Bruce Jenner at the time of the accident, was driving along the Pacific Coast Highway in California in February when her vehicle slammed into the back of another car and caused a pile-up.

The stepchildren of the driver that was killed in the accident have sued Jenner but have since filed new legal paperwork as part of the wrongful death lawsuit claiming Jenner’s insurance policy does not cover their damages.  The children allege that her plan capped at $500,000 and they want more money.

Jenner has asked for the lawsuit to be thrown out as the stepchildren did not depend on the driver and were allegedly estranged from her for some time before the accident.

Jenner was also hit with legal action from another drive who was injured in the crash.