Oklahoma Bill Would Ban Alcohol Purchases For Drivers Convicted of DUI

An Oklahoma state lawmaker is proposing legislation that would make it more difficult for drivers facing DUI charges to buy alcohol, according to CBS News.

Under the proposed law, those convicted of a DUI would be given a replacement identification that would carry the words “Alcohol Restricted” on the front.  The person would be required to carry the new ID throughout the probationary period.

The bill would also make it a crime for people to obtain alcohol for someone who is under alcohol restriction.

Defense Attorney David Siane worries many of the requirements of the bill would be impossible to enforce.  He says, “The law does not have a catch all provision that would allow for circumstances if it’s in the food.  In cases where people have religious rights to take communion where there may be alcohol in the wine, does it allow for that?”

“Keep in mind the consumption of alcohol has never been illegal unless you were underage,” Siane added.  “And in this case they are saying we want the court to enforce something that’s almost unenforceable.”

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