Crime Increase Due to Legal Marijuana Business?

Prior to the legalization of marijuana in Washington state there were concerns about crime potentially increasing.  “Because of the connection between cartels and violent crime, some assumed that would bleed over,” Jeremy Wissing, an officer lieutenant with the Washington State Liquor Control Board, stated.

With 140 marijuana producer and processing businesses just in Eastern Washington alone, Wissing has his work cut out for him.  “There was a concern violent crime would cross over but I think we have done a pretty good job setting up a safe system and I have just not seen that happen,” Wissing says.

Washington’s marijuana sales went legal in early July 2014 and since then the state has sold nearly $90 million in legal marijuana.

Before recreational marijuana sales went legal, marijuana crimes were of concern to enforcement.  One major break in at a Seattle marijuana shop last year resulted in thieves stealing $50,000 worth of marijuana.

But beyond the businesses, there are hard numbers that law enforcement officers say are telling another story.

Since 2012, the year I-502 legalizing marijuana became law, marijuana DUI numbers have increased every year.  In 2012, 17 marijuana DUI arrests were made.  That number more than doubled to 43 in 2013.  Then in 2014, 48 arrests were made between January 1st and November 7th.

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