Suspected DUI Driver Arrested in North Seattle after I-5 Chase

According to Kiro 7 News, a man suspected of driving under the influence was taken into custody in North Seattle Wednesday night after a chase on I-5.

“It was really scary,” said a witness. “I wasn’t sure if he was going to hit me or not because he was going back and forth and back and forth.”

A spokesman for the WSP said a trooper tried to pull over the the van on I-5 for driving erratically. The driver pulled off the highway, but then started speeding down neighborhood streets.  Troopers initially called off the pursuit because of safety concerns, until they got reports that the van was hitting cars.

“I heard a big thud, and I immediately knew there was some hit to the car,” another witness said. His Honda got the worst of the damage and ended up stopping the van.

The driver then started to make a run for it. “He jumped out of the car,” she said. “I asked him if he was OK and he didn’t say anything, he just booked it down the street.” An off-duty Seattle police officer arrested the driver.

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