DUI Driver Crashes Into 7 Cars, Attempts to Carjack 2 in Bellevue

According to the Seattle PI, Bellevue police say a DUI driver crashed into seven cars near the Factoria Mall last Thursday afternoon before trying to carjack two more vehicles.

Several people called 911 from the Factoria Mall to report the incident, Bellevue Police said.

Police arrived to find four people holding down a 32-year-old Lynnwood man who was reportedly driving “very recklessly” on Factoria Blvd Southeast.

The driver, believed to be under the influence of some type of drug, was “pinballing” between cars while driving down the road, causing serious damage to some vehicles, including the Dodge sedan he drove.

He then left his own car and reportedly tried to pull two separate drivers out of their cars. Four witnesses jumped in and restrained the man until police arrived.

The driver was taken to Overlake Hospital on reports of arm pain, but will thereafter be headed to King County Jail, Bellevue Police said.

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