Seattle Seahawks LB Bruce Irvin Makes April Fools Joke

According to King 5 News, Seattle Seahawks linebacker Bruce Irvin pulled an April Fool’s Day joke on fanes.  Irvin claimed on Twitter that he drove home after having a few too many drinks.  Now, he’s facing backlash from people who think the subject of DUI is not a joking manner.


Some people immediately saw right through the joke because it came on April 1st, but others did not.

“We all make poor choices at times.  Learn from it and move on,” Tweeted one fan.
About an hour later, Irvin fessed up.


That led to a firestorm of tweets calling out Irvin for joking about DUI.

Irvin went on to offer an apology.  Some fans chose to defend Irvin, saying some people couldn’t take a joke.

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