Sheriff’s Office Urges Safety on Halloween

This year, Halloween falls on a Friday, which unfortunately means that the chances of someone careless driving under the influence increases.  According to the Central Kitsap Reporter, all Kitsap County law enforcement agencies will be out on the roads for extra DUI patrol.  This includes agencies in Pierce and King Counties as well.

It will be dark, it could be raining, and drivers as well as pedestrians will be distracted, and some will be impaired.

“On Halloween, the real horrors occur out on the road when people choose to drive impaired,” said Undersheriff Gary Simpson.  “Impaired driving is a choice – a preventable one.  We want to remind all drivers that if you’ve had any alcohol to drink or have used any drugs, you cannot drive.”

According to the sheriff’s office, in the past 10 years, 13 fatalities have happened in Washington State on Halloween.

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