Plan Ahead for Thanksgiving Travel

Patience and planning will come in handy this Thanksgiving week if you’re among the estimated 900,000 Washington residents traveling, or the 600,000 people expected to pass through Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

AAA predicts that 46.3 million Americans will journey at least 50 miles or more during the holiday weekend, the highest volume since 2007 and a 4.2 percent increase over last year.  Nearly 90 percent of those travelers will be on the road.

It’s not only the volume of travelers that can make traveling challenging, it’s the potential to encounter winter storms or impaired drivers, who are not just dangerous to themselves, but to everyone sharing the highway.

“The last thing we want over the holidays is to respond to a serious or fatal collision,” said Washington State Patrol Trooper Clark Jones.  He said that Thanksgiving weekend opens a six-week holiday-party season that produce more than its share of drivers who shouldn’t be behind the wheel.

Drunks are not the only problem on the road.  People who talk or text while they’re driving will be the target of a “Black Friday” emphasis patrol around the Seattle area, Clark said, especially near shopping malls.

Wintertime driving, Clark said, means allowing more time for the trip so you can slow down, adapt to road conditions, and leave extra space behind the car in front of you.

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