Tips for Hiring a DUI Lawyer

When confronted with the life-changing circumstance of a DUI, selecting the appropriate attorney is essential. Here are some important tips to guide your selection.

What do I need in a DUI Attorney?

  • Experience: Choose an attorney who has been successfully defending cases like yours for decades.
  • Training: Seek an attorney who not only has the necessary continuing legal education but also is knowledgeable in defending these types of cases.
  • Reputation: How is your attorney viewed by the public and his peers? Search out the reputation of these independent sources and discard paid-for commercials.
  • Community: Does your attorney live in this area, understand life here, and give back when possible? Chances are that an attorney who does these things will treat and represent you well also.
  • Respect and Courtesy: From the first phone call to the final visit, does your attorney treat you with these guiding ideals?
  • Chemistry: Communication is paramount to an effective defense. Choose an attorney that speaks to you, not at you, and sincerely cares about guiding you through this difficult time.

Should I meet my Attorney in person or on the phone?

Sometimes a telephone call is the best a person can do whenever possible, meet with your attorney, share your circumstance in person and learn your options. The more your counsel knows the better you will be served.

Can I bring a friend to our meeting?

You may wish to bring a friend or family member that can assist your case and support you during this difficult time.

How much does it cost?

While all cases can vary, our veteran firm offers reasonable fees for DUI Attorneys of our experience. We use these fees to help provide the most talented support system for this essential time period. We can and will give you an estimate after hearing the details of your case and we are flexible enough to work with every income level.

What can I do to prepare for our initial consultation?

First, relax and know that the moment you come through our door, you now have someone whose sole purpose at that moment is to help.To that end, we suggest that in the days preceding our first chat you write down any questions or concerns. We will cover them all. Also, bring any paperwork from your arrest or case that you might have. Prepare to be candid and honest so that we can best prepare your defense. Everything is confidential and privileged.

What are common mistakes people make when hiring a DUI Attorney?

For many people accused of a DUI in Washington State,this is their first contact with the judicial system. Because of this, we see common mistakes made. Here are some things to avoid.

  • Look beyond the numbers. While we are proud of our trial record, won/loss statistics hardly tell the full story of our success. Sometimes, reducing penalties is a win in our view as is helping someone who has made a mistake get back to their lives as soon as possible. You cannot view this through a win/loss score.
  • Asking for guarantees. We share with our clients what is typical or even our expectations, but no lawyer can guarantee an outcome. There are too many human factors involved. But, choosing an experienced DUI attorney and being a helpful client helps increase the odds of a better result.
  • Don’t look for a deal. Our attorneys set reasonable fees. Some attorneys charge more, some less. Don’t let the fee control your choice of attorney.