The Consequences of a First Time DUI in Washington

Getting arrested for a DUI is a difficult and stressful experience. The penalties are harsh and the consequences stay with you for many years. In Washington State, a first DUI conviction will result in no less than:

  • 24 hours – jail time (one (1) year jail time maximum)
  • A fine of $866 ($5,000 maximum)
  • 90 day License suspension
  • Ignition Interlock Device (one (1) year or more)
  • Washington SR22 Insurance (no less than three (3) years)
  • Alcohol evaluation and follow up
  • Victim’s Impact Panel

These punishments are for a first DUI conviction. A second or subsequent conviction will result in much more severe punishment in every category.

As an individual untrained in legal matters, you have no idea where to being your defense. It is with the help of a seasoned DUI lawyer, you have a very good chance of reducing or avoiding the punishment, even in the face of considerable evidence against you.

A serious charge like DUI requires the help of a seasoned DUI lawyer. Though it may seem costly to hire a DUI lawyer, the benefit of reducing or avoiding punishment is always worth the cost.