How Uber Will Fight Drunk Driving on the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is one of the deadliest days on the road.  According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), half of all fatal car accidents on Fourth of July weekend in 2012 involved drunk drivers.  To raise awareness of the problem and help fund solutions, Uber, a taxi service, is working with MADD to donate a dollar to MADD for every ride taken on July 4th when the promotional code UberMADD is used.  For first time riders, they will donate $10.  

“Safety is our number one priority – not just for riders and drives, but also for the communities we serve,” Uber posted on its blog.  “The Fourth of July has one of the highest incidences of DUIs, but with Uber, there’s no reason to ever get behind the wheel.”  

If you or someone you know have been stopped, questioned, or arrested for driving under the influence, the first call you should make is to a qualified DUI defense attorney.  We are available 24/7 on our on-call attorney line at (253) 217-4849