Seattle Seahawks Running Back Marshawn Lynch to Plead in DUI Case

According to the Seattle PI, the Seattle Seahawks star running back Marshawn Lynch will plead guilty to reckless driving in a California court on Friday in order to resolve a 2012 DUI arrest.

Ivan Golde, Lynch’s attorney, states that the plea bargain will help avoid a potentially damaging public trial. “For a guy in his position, it just doesn’t make any sense to go through a public trial. He has a lot at stake here. You know Marshawn. He’s not a media guy. It wouldn’t have been good for him to go through all that.”

Lynch was arrested in July 2012 after being observed driving erratically on an Oakland freeway. The plea bargain stipulates that Lynch will be placed on probation for two years, fined an undisclosed amount, and required to attend classes on driving safety and alcohol consumption. Lynch’s lawyer hopes the deal will be enough to avoid an additional discipline from the NFL.

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