Statewide Holiday DUI Patrols Include 120 Agencies

There are 120 police agencies around Washington state committed to making sure residents who drive drunk are arrested and successfully prosecuted.

The Washington Traffic Safety Commission is funding a significant number of local emphasis patrols, in which officers from the 120 agencies will work overtime to provide extra coverage at the hours when most DUI-related collisions occur.

“Keeping families together and our roads safe is our first priority this holiday season,” said Traffic Safety Commission Director Darrin Grondel.  “Reaching Zero fatalities requires your help, make the right choice, join the Target Zero Team.  Drive sober, report a DUI, keep your eyes on the road, and buckle up.  It’s your best defense against a DUI-driver.”

Among the 120 agencies out in force will be the Washington State Patrol.  In the emphasis patrols, troopers work right alongside county sheriff’s deputies and city police officers and are guarded by data that helps predict the areas where DUIs are most likely to cause a tragedy.

If you or someone you know have been stopped, questioned, or arrested for driving under the influence, the first call you should make is to a qualified DUI defense attorneyWe are available 24/7 on our on-call attorney line at (253) 217-4849