The Push for Tougher DUI Laws

Lawmakers passed a DUI Bill this year requiring repeat offenders stay in custody until they can be seen by a judge and install an Ignition Interlock Device within five (5) days of an arrest.

The following recommendations are being proposed for this upcoming year:

1. DUI Checkpoints;

2. Legislative decisions focused on marijuana-impaired drivers;

3. Reducing the number of DUI’s it takes to become a felony from five (5) currently to four (4), or making five (5) in a lifetime vs. the current 10-year time frame.

DUI laws are always a hot topic for debate. The Traffic Safety Commission will present a report of their suggested changes to the current DUI standards to the legislature in December for review. Following that, they will make a recommendation on changes to the DUI laws to Gov. Inslee before the beginning of the 2014 legislative session. Read more here as covered by Q13 News.

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