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Criminal and DUI Defense in Tacoma

Being arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) – or being charged with any type of crime for that matter – is a frightening, humbling experience, to say the least. Your job, marriage, future, and freedom might all be at stake. One of your first objectives is to retain a good criminal defense attorney. There are several things you want to look for in a defense lawyer, namely experience, determination, and a successful track record.

Daryl Graves Law, PLLC brings all of these qualities to the table, and then some. For over 35 years, Daryl has been defending clients and helping them navigate the criminal justice system. Our team believes in superior service and fair representation, and can provide those charged with a crime with the counsel they need to make informed decisions and push for good outcomes.

Types of Cases We Handle

Our firm, serving Tacoma and the surrounding areas, handles various criminal law cases. DUI defense is one of our areas of focus; we know how to efficiently handle both the criminal and administrative proceedings, challenge the state’s case, and gather supportive evidence to bolster your stance. Some of the other types of charges we handle include the following.

Whether the charge is a misdemeanor or felony, we can address it appropriately and help devise a solid plan of action.

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After we’ve reviewed your case and addressed your questions, we will then go over which options might be best for you. This may mean pursuing a dismissal/acquittal in court, negotiating with the prosecutor to have the charges dropped or mitigated, or requesting admission into a diversion program. Each case is different and must be approached thoughtfully and carefully.

In a DUI case for example, we might first try to delay your license suspension, and then start gathering all the evidence surrounding your case. We might refute the state’s evidence or methods, bring in expert witnesses of our own to support your case, and, if necessary, start working on building a defense for court.

Our firm’s foundational goal is clear: to offer each our clients with the skilled, tactful legal representation they deserve, and fervently fight for their best interests. Contact Daryl Graves LAW, PLLC today at 253-383-7777 to speak with a defense attorney.

“Daryl and his staff really care about their clients. They helped me through one of the roughest times in my life. They followed through in their representation and always had my interest as number one. I cannot thank the offices of Daryl Graves Law enough.”

“My case needed the kind of attorney who understood the facts and law. Mr. Graves did an excellent job. During a dark time in my life, when I needed help, Mr. Graves came through with flying colors! I would recommend him to my closest friends and family.”

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Established in 1979, Daryl L. Graves believed that building his practice on a strong foundation would ensure the clients of his firm would receive the highest quality of service possible. We understand the importance of a strong attorney / client relationship and strive to provide practical information to the client for a clear, comprehensive understanding of the law. We employ a skilled personable support staff to ensure the highest quality of service our clients are provided.

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